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mythical-maid asked
Yooou would definitely be a Water Bender.






I could see that :3 I’d like to think I’d be pretty good at the healing aspect and really uncomfortable with the bloodbending aspect XD

I also think I’d end up experimenting a lot though. Like, could I bend solutions with water as the solvent? If the solutions got too concentrated would I not be able to bend them anymore? Would I be able to move or manipulate things that are mostly water or full of water, beyond plants? Like, hydrated crystal bending? Could bloodbending be used to help people with digestive issues by controlling the contractions of their gut muscles?



Don’t forget you can also do things with ice.

Also, Miss Science Bender, do you think you could help people with blood clots by breaking apart the clumped platelets?

I could also turn that really creepy by saying you could keep said platelets from stopping a bleeding cut…

No you’re not :P

I imagine if there were a big enough wound, bloodbenders could pull all the blood out of a person’s body without it clotting :[]


On the flip side, I always wondered if a powerful enough bender could use bloodbending to heal

I don’t see why not :) It would definitely be a very fine-tuned exercise though. Like, pulling blood to where it’s needed, rather than just jerking people’s muscles around like broken marionettes.

Maybe kind of like how **KORRA BOOK 1 SPOILERS** bloodbending can be used to block people’s ability to bend. You’ve gotta be very good at telling a person’s body to do (or not do) a particular thing.

I always wondered if a strong enough earth bender could bend the calcium in peoples bones. Calcium is a mineral and found in lots of ‘earth’ so why not right?

the-meta asked
Are you secretly a robot?

Its a distinct possibility. I am combat ready.

Anonymous asked
There was a lot of cool info in the World of Remnant episode and the RWBY Live stream, are you guys planning to discuss that stuff along with episode 5 on the next podcast?



"that character cant be aromantic!!!!!!! theyre so friendly and passionate!!!!!"

aromantic doesnt mean “devoid of personality” u utter sack of shit 



The strongest ‘pound for pound’ muscle is the uterus: it weighs around 2 pounds but during childbirth can exert a downward force of 400 Newtons, which is one hundred times as strong as gravity and equivalent to the power in a fully extended modern longbow. 


Got a slight problem with this. The 400 Newton thing is right, but the hundred times as strong as gravity thing irks me a little. Mainly because the force of gravity is dependent on the object involved. There is no single number for the force of gravity. BUT this factoid thing is still pretty awesome when you consider that 400N is roughly the amount of gravity on a 40 kg weight. Which is about 90ish pounds. So essentially a uterus could lift a small child.

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Shanonshank McDemption

Shanorgan McFreemick

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Shalbus McLedore

Shadels McChronic